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RECORDED 28/03/2011 @ The Box, via Risorgimento 21 San Giuliano Milanese (Milan) by Marco Gervasio from Effort Mobile Studio.


released April 5, 2011



all rights reserved


UPWARD Milano, Italy

Hardcore from Milano-Voghera (Italy) since February 2011.

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Track Name: What We Stand For
Get fucked single out each heart is broken fulfill of this emptiness that also gloves their selfishness and always tries to fog their minds stand for what is better fucking right searching something lasting for last time stand for what is better fucking right reminding the best of our past times day after day night after night scream to the sky while looking upward the chance to reach high hopes not useful just behind these words someone has tried to pull us down and play with our desires but now we’re getting higher.
Track Name: Put Away The Polished
Earth is swallowing you all shivered by the cold you fall first of all to hand your gun last to know your nowhere run got a clue about what you’re thinking of set on fire this lusting flavor put away the polished got the dark fades out from here million faces everywhere leer at me with shining eyes scarlet lips I left behind I’m wasting my time in the wrong place breathing just to appear humans? sharks? where is the difference? I’m safe and sound down here put it away.